Before Having a Kid, Try Having a Puppy!

Here you are. All finished with your undergrad, fingers are sore from all the essay writing, pockets are emptier than a Jacksonville Jaguar’s game (they’re an NFL team… no seriously. It’s not just Patriots and Browns). As fate would have it, you end up meeting that special someone and life is jus-


OK so you’re both moved in and pretty much everything is perfect. You’re engaged, careers are working out, loans are 3/8 paid off, and you guys feel like you’re ready to bring another member of the family aboard. You go through all of the logistics of having a child; the money element, the amount of supervision needed, the fact that when you travel on airplanes that you’ll be “that couple” with the screaming baby. It’s scary, it’s adventurous, and it’s scary. Lot’s of pacing is involved in this decision but before you wear out the soles of your slippers, I’m here to tell you about a wonderful alternative.

What’s furry, adorable, very attentive, and loves you the moment you scratch it’s head? A puppy! What’s always photogenic, loves to cuddle, and greets you with kisses the second you walk through the door? A Puppy! What loves you unconditionally, wants to protect you, and always puts you first? A PUPPY! 

Yes these adorable little creatures are the absolute best! Sure they’ll be some training involved. Accidents will happen. You’ll probably have to set a small budget aside for all their mistakes and destruction. But a dog will reward you in ways that a poop-covered baby doesn’t have the ability to do yet!

Let’s not forget, a puppy/dog will actually listen to you when it’s name is called. It will protect you from strangers and dangers even if it doesn’t stand a chance. Heck the little guy or gal will nab you tons of Instagram Likes!

Whereas a baby will make your lives hell for the first 18 years, a puppy will bring you joy from Day one and onward! You don’t have to worry about feeding it because a dog will scarf down just about anything. You don’t have to pay for school, vet visits will be way less than doctor visits, and having a dog will encourage you to go outside and get fresh air while they roll around in the wet grass. Sure a puppy/dog might be difficult to bathe every now and then, but it’s way more difficult to change a baby’s diaper WHILE it’s going potty at the same time.

Take it from me, a proud dog owner who feels that a dog can help change your life and bring happiness without so much maintenance. And if not me, take it from the good people at Collegehumor below.