The Daily Struggle (1)

Welcome to the Daily Struggle! Also known as every day that I’m not a billionaire-playboy-philanthropist. This post is really the “bloggy” part of a blog where I tell you about my day that is hopefully relatable. In other words, it’s an exaggerated Facebook post.

So today in the Daily Struggle I found myself getting all prepped for my eventual move out at the end of the month. What I thought would take days or weeks was resolved in minutes. Moving Gas, Electric, Internet, Insurance, and freezing my gym membership took a combined 26 minutes. This whole time I was ready for the goose chase that would have followed all these to-do-list items and yet here I am, a U-Haul away moving to what I think will be a great place to live. I’ve of course enjoyed my time where I’m at now but as they say,

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

I also finished all the course evaluations that professors normally beg for you to do and was able to have my Fraternity membership switched to Alumnus. Which I actually would like to have a mini vent session about.

I’m not one to name names, but I’ll just say this. When I ask for help, I hope you’ll be kind enough to answer my calls. I’ve spent 2 semesters chasing down people just to make sure I would be switched to Alumnus once I graduated.

They answer the phone when I talk about paying for dues, but not much else.

I was recently talking to a friend/brother of mine who is also graduating and mentioned how he had been switched to Alumnus recently. I check my profile and of course mine still said undergrad.  I do what brothers in my Fraternity have always feared… I reached out to nationals.

Do I snitch? Do I rip em a new one? Nah. I don’t waste my time making assholes pay for being assholes. I asked Alumni services to switch me and in a matter of 5 minutes… Done. No more dues. Regrets I have a few but it’s behind me with a life of opportunity beyond me now.

Just goes to show if you want shit done, do it yourself. Relying on others doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for. Even if it is their job, I say take the preemptive strike and learn what you’re capable of doing on your own.

Last but not least… Reginald.

Reginald is the newest addition to my “pack”. He’s a German Shepherd who traces his roots from recent championship bred lines with Czech Republic working lines. The result is this bundle of fur! And at 11 weeks old… Let’s just say Barkley isn’t the only chick magnet anymore..

Just waiting for May 31st before I can move my blog to a self hosted site.. Which hosting site will I chose? Tune in to find out!