Gym First, Everything Else Later

On today’s platter… the Gym.

I’m hear to tell you why the gym should not only become a very important place in your life but why you should make it a routine to go first thing in the morning when you wake up. Whether that’s 12AM like myself or 12PM, going to the gym in the morning sets the tone for the day and encourages a healthy regimen.

How so? Well let’s examine.

Obviously working out is a healthy activity for the body and the mind. You can improve your health by challenging you muscles and cardiovascular system daily, ensuring they are properly maintained and improved. This leads to breathing easier, looking great, and fitting those jeans that, let’s face it, haven’t fit in a few months. It’s also an incredible stress reliever as you have a means of focusing any unused or negative energy at a force such as lifting weights or running sprints into the point of exhaustion.

Because when someone’s pissed you off, what could be better than sprinting full speed ahead like you’re running right through them? #Beastmode

All violence aside there’s still the question of “why do I need to make the gym my first priority? I could just sleep an extra 2 hours and not eat so much to help balance it out.” While I’m sure that 2 hours of tossing and turning can be relaxing, I think that going to the gym early helps set a routine that is more productive and can lead to more successful opportunities that you won’t find sleeping.

You see people all the time, whether it is through social media or in person, rave about the gym. People have made careers from simply committing themselves to the gym. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posts nearly everyday from his vantage in Florida drenched in sweat and success. People like Steve Cook, CT Fletcher, Ana Cheri all have made livings from getting their big behinds in the gym and sharing with the world of their successes, their failures, and their advice for weathering tough times. It’s no surprise that their commitment to their routine has created a monetary advantage for them and have made life incredibly fun!

Working out first thing upon waking up sets the tone for the day. You work out, conquering those weights and obstacles, and are left feeling energized and looking good (Feel the pump!). The feeling of drowsiness is gone for the day and you’re more alert, more attentive. While everyone is fighting the snooze button, you’re wide awake and utterly prepared for any opportunity that comes your way. Make this a routine and you’re on your way to becoming a well oiled machine that stops for no small obstacle.

You feel better, you look better, and opportunities are much more abundant. Why is that? The best opportunities tend to appear when you least expect it. Some might equate your successes as a lucky break but being lucky is simply the crossing of opportunity and preparation. People only want to see the lucky break for the moment, but they don’t realize the years of hard work that preceded it.

“Lucky breaks” don’t happen often though. So the next time one crosses your path, are you going to be prepared? My advice, go to the gym. Go to the gym in the morning when no one is there. Don’t go with your friends and buddies. The less distractions the better. Just hook up some music, down that pre-workout, and get to work because you have an opportunity waiting for you… and it ain’t gonna wait for long.



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